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Let’s get organised!
Ever look in your wardrobe and tell yourself you don’t have anything to wear?!
Well, of course you have, and of course you do…(have something to wear that is!)
But is it the right garment for the right occasion? Is your wardrobe full of lots
of the same garments, or variations of the same? Do you have garments
that you never wear, or do you put them on and take them off again because
you’re just not sure? Need help to de-clutter and organise what you have?
Then Wardrobe Audit is for you! I will help you to organise and de-clutter
your clothing and look at ways to wear what you already have,
and discuss with you what you’d like to do with the items that never see
the light of day! We will also compile a list of items you may be missing
that you may wish to purchase at a later date. Your wardrobe should have
garments in it that you love! They should reflect your personal style and be
an expression of who you are and how you want to present yourself to your world!

If it’s not quite there, then book a wardrobe audit, yes I know it sounds a bit scary,
but it’s fabulous, you’ll thank me for it!

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